Friday, April 29, 2011

Tuxedo Dress

My third item for Red Velvet Art is done!

I call this the Tuxedo Dress because the cream color and velvet bow tie reminds me of a woman's version of a tuxedo.

This is a lace A-line dress with a black velvet collar and bow tie detail.

It also has a scalloped hem and is fully lined. Again, I might have to make one of these for my very it okay to wear cream to a wedding?

Sew happy,

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jump for my Love

When I was growing up, my grandmother made most of my clothes--including jumpers. Now that I am in my 30s (yikes!), I still love the idea of a one-piece outfit that is not a dress. So, I've been thinking of making a few jumpers of my own.

I really love the clean look of this jumper from French Connection United Kingdom.

I think it is something that I could wear as a 30-something and not feel like a little girl...not that feeling young is a bad thing. I just wish we could wear shorts at work...

This jumper (also from French Connection) has an 80s vibe that I absolutely love.

I'm not sure if I'm crazy about the print, but I love the way it drapes, and it looks really comfortable. I would also make mine a tad bit longer...I'm a bit modest.

This one is beyond adorable!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a sucker for flowered prints. I think this print works really well with the "fun" feel of this jumper, and even though it's a bit busy, it just looks so stinkin' cute!

Luckily, I found this pattern at Vintage Vice and I plan on trying it out (with a few alterations to make it a bit more modern).

Needless to say, I'm glad that these little gems have made a comeback, and I am looking forward to making one of my own.

Sew happy,

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sunday Best Dress

My second item for my Red Velvet Art line is complete!

I just had to have one for myself, so I stayed up late Saturday night making an extra for me to wear on Easter Sunday. It was such a fun dress to wear with gray tights and oxfords, and the fabric is super soft, so it was comfy as well.

This dress has pleats in front and back, an ascot tie collar, and a side zipper. With the higher waist and A-line skirt, this dress would be flattering on just about anyone and perfect to wear when you are putting on your "Sunday best."

Sew happy,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Twilight Stroll

I finished my blouse for Red Velvet this morning!

It is a sheer blue polyester blouse with lace detail and a little pink button back. I love this and kind of wish I could keep it for myself. I suppose that is a good sign because other ladies will love it, too!

The polyester was a bit difficult to work with at times, and I wish that I had a serger to make the seams a little more clean. I did finish the seams, but serging would have been a bit easier. I really liked how the cap sleeves and lace neckline turned out! I also like the versatility of this blouse--it could be casual with a pair of jeans or dressy tucked in with a high waisted pencil skirt.

Once all of the items are done, I would like to do a "look book" to show ways to wear the items, so be on the look out for that once I'm done!

On to the the next thing...

Sew happy,

Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday, Monday

Today I will be continuing work on my projects for Red Velvet. I am hoping to get some pictures up tonight or tomorrow of my first item! Now, I just need to find some good music for motivation. I am thinking She and Him for today since Zooey is one of my many inspirations...

Sew happy,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Factory Girl

Edie Sedgwick had such effortless tights, leotards, chandelier earrings, and the cutest pixie haircut.

She was the first "it girl" in the mid 60s and hung around people like Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan, and starred in Warhol films like Poor Rich Girl and Kitchen.

Some people refer to Edie as the Paris Hilton of the 60s--they both are heiresses and are famous for not doing much at all, but the similarities stop there. Edie had style. She wasn't raunchy or tacky. Her personal life was not something that most people would be proud of, but if you look into her history and family life, it's not surprising that she dealt with issues like anorexia and drug abuse. Sadly, she died of a lethal combination of alcohol and drugs on November 16, 1971.

In 2006, Sienna Miller played her in the movie Factory Girl, and many of the outfits she wore were vintage...striped mini dresses, fur coats, and a leather Gatsby hat.

She pulled off Edie's style as effortlessly as Edie herself. I would like to start a line inspired by Edie Sedgwick--that 60s mod look of dark tights, nautical stripes, and comfortable clothing you can feel free in and move like her.

Sew happy,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Light Bulb

Do you ever have those moments when you think of a great idea, and you feel the excitement of starting something new, sharing the idea with others, or getting started on that particular idea? A few months ago I had one of those moments.

I was driving from St. Louis to Springfield with Philip, and we were having one of our "on the road" conversations about goals, dreams, getting out of debt, trips we will take, etc. During this particular conversation, I decided I wanted to start an online clothing shop. I've always loved clothing as an expressive art form, and at one time I even wanted to be a fashion designer. We brainstormed for about an hour, and came up with fern frisbie. Fern was my great grandmother who taught me to sew, so it seemed fitting that her name be the moniker for my new endeavor.

Sometimes we find that dreaming is a lot easier than doing. I found myself excited about the idea, and I jumped right into designing business cards, starting an Etsy site, and even purchasing fabric, but I hadn't made a single item. I knew I needed some extrinsic motivation, and an acquaintance of mine was opening an expanded vintage and handmade clothing shop (with a cupcakery, I might add!) called Red Velvet. With a hopeful heart, I put on my "coolest" outfit and headed over. I spoke to her about making clothing for her shop, and she told me to send her some pictures. She also said that I had "great style." For those of you that know Elsie, this was a huge compliment for me. So, I sent her some pictures and waited for a while.

About a month and a half ago, Elsie sent me an e-mail letting me know that she wanted to meet with me. We met at her shop and discussed what items would work, color schemes, and ideas. She is an absolute doll and gave me wonderful direction. Now, I have the motivation I needed and I have been brainstorming, designing, cutting, and sewing like mad since our meeting. It's a bit stressful, but wonderful to be doing something that I love, and knowing that after May 1st, I will have clothing in a nationally recognized store! I think this may be the first dream from my on the road conversations that is coming true...

Sew happy,