Thursday, April 14, 2011

Factory Girl

Edie Sedgwick had such effortless tights, leotards, chandelier earrings, and the cutest pixie haircut.

She was the first "it girl" in the mid 60s and hung around people like Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan, and starred in Warhol films like Poor Rich Girl and Kitchen.

Some people refer to Edie as the Paris Hilton of the 60s--they both are heiresses and are famous for not doing much at all, but the similarities stop there. Edie had style. She wasn't raunchy or tacky. Her personal life was not something that most people would be proud of, but if you look into her history and family life, it's not surprising that she dealt with issues like anorexia and drug abuse. Sadly, she died of a lethal combination of alcohol and drugs on November 16, 1971.

In 2006, Sienna Miller played her in the movie Factory Girl, and many of the outfits she wore were vintage...striped mini dresses, fur coats, and a leather Gatsby hat.

She pulled off Edie's style as effortlessly as Edie herself. I would like to start a line inspired by Edie Sedgwick--that 60s mod look of dark tights, nautical stripes, and comfortable clothing you can feel free in and move like her.

Sew happy,

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